Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dazed and slightly crabby...

My baby cousin inspired me to start blogging. While technically I've been blogging forever, and technically, she's far from my baby cousin, I decided this time it would be different. Instead of just this one blog, I'm virtually going to have two blogs. One blog for my every day, usual bitchy grouchiness, and one for my new nephew, Cohen Alexander. So this is the start of both.

I'm not writing a full blog in this one, because I'd really like to write a full blog to Cohen first. I will hopefully be able to keep up with both, and while I'm doing that, I'd really like to try and stay pretty ontop of my every day life. Boring as it is, it's kind of therapeutic to me and I think it'll relieve a lot of built up confusion.

...Really, signing over to the other blog now. :D